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Meet our AMAZING Support Staff


Donna Hooper has worked with and for CFC for over 10 years.  She leads the office staff in great client service and office management details.   She is now also managing The Wellness Collective and The Well for Dr. Heather.   Her and Dr. Heather met 20 years ago when Donna sought care for her son who was suffering from chronic ear infections.  They became quick friends in the office and at church.  She has lived in Lakeside Park for over 20 years with her husband and three kids (23, 21, & 18).  She has traveled with Dr. Heather for missions work to Swaziland, Africa and if you are here around Christmastime you will learn all about our Swazi Saturday and the passion that Donna and Dr. Heather both have for serving our friends in Swaziland.  We are grateful for all Donna does, but mostly, we love the joy she carries into the office each day.

Donna Hooper

, Team Lead

Crystal Gabbard has been with CFC for over 5 years and is a bright spot in many of our days.  She has a true love for people and serves our clients well.   She was introduced to chiropractic care 12 years ago and once she experienced the amazing benefits she started bringing in the whole family.  She has lived in Independence, KY, for the last 20 years with her husband and her two children (18, 16).   Her family enjoys camping and spending time with friends and family. Her passions include loving Jesus, music and singing.  We love her big smile and the warm inviting atmosphere her presence brings to the office.


Crystal Gabbard

, Team Support


Beth Ledford recently joined our team and has been a life saver!  She has been key to getting our office systems updated from paper to electronic.  Her gifts include organizing, connecting with children and her love for people make us so glad that she can utilize her skills here at CFC!  She graduated from EKU, where she met her husband, Lynn, and now they are the parents of a UK graduate and and cosmetologist!  Her and her husband are very involved in their community and church and can often be found volunteering in the church preschool program.  She loves to spend her free time going on family outings, coffee with friends and relaxing on her back porch.   We can't wait for you to get to know Beth, she will brighten any day with her warm smile and big heart!

Beth Ledford

, Team Support

Samantha Hamilton has also been serving our clients for the last 8 years.  Samantha and her husband Gary are busy with two boys at home (8, 7) and their little girl Mya!  Samantha is also working on her Masters of Legal Studies at Chase.   Samantha is happy to help our clients with their notary needs as she is a Registered Notary.  She is also known around her as our IT Specialist (although she laughs at this title, she is light years ahead of the rest of us).  We all admire her heart to advocate, she just stepped down after volunteering for six years with CASA.  She is a fun, passionate, light for Jesus and a blessing in the office.  Her hobbies include...actually she doesn't have time for hobbies.  


Samantha Hamilton

, Team Support

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