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Health and Wellness Education & Information

Here at Children's Family Chiropractic we will always do our best to keep you educated on how to best care for your or your child's nervous system.  We strive to keep our clients informed and educated regarding nutrition, exercise, vaccines, supplements, oils, prenatal care and more. 

Vaccine Information & Forms

Our chiropractors have cared for dozens of vaccine injured children to try and help their bodies heal their assaulted nervous systems.  We have become passionate about researching and sharing our findings in regards to vaccinations.  We first want you to know that you can make an informed, educated decision and feel confident about the care you are giving your child in regards to vaccines.  Do not be rushed into any decisions, without checking out the facts.  You are your child's best advocate and the only one who can protect your child.  To get started, check out the following:


1.  We have put together this flyer entitled Vaccines are a Complicated Matter/Information is Key.  This will connect you to many documentaries, websites and valuable vaccine information.

2.  We encourage you to read the pamphlets that go with the vaccination (Click HERE for a list of ingredients for each vaccine).      Click HERE to read about some of those ingredients and how they affect the body.  You will find that vaccines like Adenovirus, Hep-A, Shingles, and Rubella (in MMR) use aborted fetal tissue cells.  Some of the  other ingredients you will find in these and other vaccines (just to name a few) are aluminum, formaldehyde, micro-organisms (live & killed), mercury, phenol/phenoxyethanol (used as anti-freeze), & glutaraldyhyde  (considered poisonous if ingested and known to cause birth defects in experimental animals).


3.  A great resource for continued updated information regarding vaccines is the National Vaccine Information Center.


4.  Make an appointment to talk with one of our chiropractors if  you still have questions.  We have a lot of resources and information to pass along.  

Religious Exemption Forms

According to KY vaccine law you can decline vaccinations with a religious exemption form like the one linked HERE. No doctors signature needed.  This is the only form you legally need to be in compliance with KRS 214.036.

Kentucky Vaccination Exemption Form

Some schools or employers will want you to complete the state form found here:

Kentucky State Vaccination Exemption Form


Ohio law only requires a form for philosophical objections, here is an example...

Ohio Vaccination Exemption Form


Please give us a call if you have questions!


Fertility & Pregnancy

Can chiropractic really affect this process?  Let us tell you how this works!  


A woman's body matures eggs over a period of months. Her nervous system controls the maturation of these eggs and the changes in the DNA to prepare it for fertilization which takes place at this stage. A man's body matures the sperm in the testes more quickly which is also the stage when the changes in the DNA occur. This too is controlled by the nervous system. Ovulation, erection, ejaculation and all the processes that lead up to fertilization and the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus are controlled by the nervous system. When the egg is planted and the embryo starts to grow, the hormone concentration, blood supply, and nutrition to the growing baby is also controlled by the nervous system through controlling glandular secretion and dilation and constriction of the blood vessels. Throughout a woman's pregnancy, her body's nervous system will control these functions as well as the expansion of the uterus and the change in the metabolism to accommodate for the growing fetus. To prepare for birth, the mother's nervous system will control the uterine muscle contractions and the hormone secretion which will allow the pelvis to expand to allow the baby to get through the birth canal easier.  We could also go on and on about the importance of the structure of the pelvis (bones, muscles and ligaments) during the birth process. The nervous system will also control the activation of the breast milk formation, so important for the preparation of the baby's nutrition. So, for the proper development of the fetus, it is highly recommended that women get checked for subluxations on a regular basis before having their children.

Birth Trauma

It's amazing what a newborn child has to go through to become a part of this world. If you think about the incredible stress that happens to a baby and a mother during the birth process, it's not surprising to see how they can be subluxated, especially if things don't go as planned and forceps, vacuum extraction, and unusual force and pulling is applied. These pictures are just a few examples of why we are so passionate about making sure all newborns are evaluated for subluxation.  The nervous system is needed for proper growth and development of children. There are "windows of opportunity" when certain parts of the body and brain grow. If the nervous system is not working when the opportunity arises, it could be missed. So, get them checked early!!


I witnessed your healing power with our son and am so grateful that you helped him to nurse.  It is hard for me to express in words what you have meant to my family. Thank you!  -Erin


Thank you for giving me hope, concerning my personal health, when no one else could.  The day I walked into your office I felt encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  -Beth


I am 5 months old and I had such bad acid reflux I could not even eat and I cried all day. She adjusted my back and worked on the nerves to my tummy. After my first adjustment I already felt better. After several visits I continued to improve and now I am eating on my own! My mommy says its a miracle. Dr. Heather is awesome and we are so happy. -Ellie (written by Ellie's mom)


I was experiencing neck, upper back and lower back pain, low energy and just not balanced.  I am now more agile and have less pain.  My overall health has improved and my body feels more in tune.  I know I was guided to you.  -Ann


I had back and neck pain and could barely turn my head.  I could not walk through the grocery store without sitting down somewhere. Within two weeks my neck felt great and I was able to start walking at the mall.  I will continue to come here just because it feels great to be adjusted!!  -Debbie


I was having digestion problems when I came to Dr. Heather.  My medical doctor gave me some medication but it gave me a headache and did not help the problem.  I felt irritable and sluggish.  Since seeing Dr. Heather and following her guidelines I have no more problems with digestion and my energy has increased!  Now I come to Dr. Heather for wellness checks.  Thank You!  -Kate


I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have noticed a difference in the amount of flare-ups I have. -Crystal


I have fibromyalgia in different areas of my body.  My doctor put me on several medications yet not one of them helped me.  He sent me to a neurologist and I asked if I could try a chiropractor first, he consented.  After a month of chiropractic care, my daily headaches started turning into once a week, then once every two weeks, and not as intense.  Now it is 10x better.  Coming to see Dr. Heather has changed by outlook on health care.  Pain relief without medication is the only way for me!  -Theresa


My children have experienced fewer illnesses and faster recovery form illnesses we do have since coming to see Dr. Heather.  We have increased our awareness of how a well-timed adjustment will keep us from actually getting sick.  -Karen

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