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Information and Forms for New Clients
Our vertebrae encase the spinal cord and the nerves that exit and enter the cord which go through little notches in the spine. When certain types of trauma, toxins or negative thoughts that our body cannot adapt to changes the position of these vertebrae out of their proper place and makes them stuck or less able to move properly, spinal nerve pressure occurs. This is called a SUBLUXATION. These subluxations can torque the spinal cord by way of the meninges (the protective "saran wrap" encasing the cord). Chiropractors are trained to locate, detect and help your body correct these subluxations so there is no interference between the brain and the rest of the body.
What to Expect
An initial consultation is just speaking with the doctor in an effort to get information about what has happened with your spine during your lifetime that may have caused your subluxations. There are three things that can cause subluxations, "The Three T's", Trauma, Toxins and negative Thoughts or stresses. 
Initial Examination & Consultation
For some children and all adults, we will also do a neurological examination and an exam on your spinal musculature using two noninvasive computer tests which objectively looks at how your nervous system is working and how your musculature is reacting to the subluxation. These tests are called Infrared Thermography and Surface EMG (electromyography).  They are completely non-invasive for adults, pregnant women, infants and children.  

The picture to the right is an example of what we might see with a malfunctioning nervous system.

If we decide X-rays are beneficial to create a better plan of care for you or your child we will take the minimum amount necessary. X-rays are used primarily on adults to determine structure and degenerative processes.They allow the chiropractor to be more specific and exact during your care.  They are only taken on children if there is evidence that there may be scoliosis or if the doctor needs more information about the structure of the child's spine
The adjustment is a specific, gentle maneuver to help your body reposition a vertebra of your spine so it is not interfering with your nervous system, the MASTER control of your entire body. Chiropractors train for years to master this art and it should not be taken lightly. We take our time to learn exactly where the vertebra has misaligned and what kind of measures we should take to make sure it gets put back in the exact and proper position.  To do this we use an instrument like the one seen to the right referred to a nervoscope to help determine aberrant nerve patterns. Then we use palpation, or feeling the spine and looking for muscle tightness and asymmetries, aberant movement, and visualizing changes in your spine along with your x-ray information.

Often with children is takes much less force than it usually does with adults due to the nature of the spine at that age and the compensation of the musculature involved.  Adjusting a newborn or child sometimes looks like nothing at all.  Dr. Heather uses gentle forces of gravity and her finger as a fulcrum to help the body correct it's subluxations. To see a video of Dr.Heather adjusting a newborn baby click here.

It is amazing how quickly children will bounce back after an adjustment but even more amazing is how fast adults will feel the positive affects of an adjustment even after 20-40 years of subluxation!!!!

The Chiropractic Adjustment
Insurance Information

We offer Chiropractic Adjustments for only $35 per visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as HSA and FSA forms of payment. We are an out of network provider and we do not bill insurance companies except on rare occasions related to automobile accidents. We can offer to you a special receipt that contains all of the necessary information (codes, costs, etc.) that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement if you would like. This can also be used for any verification for use of HSA or FSA cards or for tax purposes.

We also have Health Savings Plans that allow you to purchase multiple visits at once for even more savings, helpful for those who need to come frequently or for those with multiple family members receiving chiropractic care who can share a multiple visit plan.  

We run our office this way to keep our fees low for those who have high deductible and/or co-pay insurance or little to no chiropractic coverage at all.  

This enables us to take care of more people who need care more effectively without the insurance companies "getting in the way of your health!"

I witnessed your healing power with our son and am so grateful that you helped him to nurse.  It is hard for me to express in words what you have meant to my family. Thank you!  -Erin

Thank you for giving me hope, concerning my personal health, when no one else could.  The day I walked into your office I felt encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  -Beth

I am 5 months old and I had such bad acid reflux I could not even eat and I cried all day. She adjusted my back and worked on the nerves to my tummy. After my first adjustment I already felt better. After several visits I continued to improve and now I am eating on my own! My mommy says its a miracle. Dr. Heather is awesome and we are so happy. -Ellie

I was experiencing neck, upper back and lower back pain, low energy and just not balanced.  I am now more agile and have less pain.  My overall health has improved and my body feels more in tune.  I know I was guided to you.  -Ann

I had back and neck pain and could barely turn my head.  I could not walk through the grocery store without sitting down somewhere. Within two weeks my neck felt great and I was able to start walking at the mall.  I will continue to come here just because it feels great to be adjusted!!  -Debbie

I was having digestion problems when I came to Dr. Heather.  My medical doctor gave me some medication but it gave me a headache and did not help the problem.  I felt irritable and sluggish.  Since seeing Dr. Heather and following her guidelines I have no more problems with digestion and my energy has increased!  Now I come to Dr. Heather for wellness checks.  Thank You!  -Kate

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have noticed a difference in the amount of flare-ups I have. -Crystal

I have fibromyalgia in different areas of my body.  My doctor put me on several medications yet not one of them helped me.  He sent me to a neurologist and I asked if I could try a chiropractor first, he consented.  After a month of chiropractic care, my daily headaches started turning into once a week, then once every two weeks, and not as intense.  Now it is 10x better.  Coming to see Dr. Heather has changed by outlook on health care.  Pain relief without medication is the only way for me!  -Theresa

My children have experienced fewer illnesses and faster recovery form illnesses we do have since coming to see Dr. Heather.  We have increased our awareness of how a well-timed adjustment will keep us from actually getting sick.  -Karen

Do you only see Children in your office?

Of course not. We see people of all ages! Our mission is to make sure this world is a better place for our children but it is the parents and the adults that create the world that our children will live and grow in. The parents, the bus drivers, the teachers, the executives and co-workers who employ children's parents, the politicians...all of these people build our future world. Don't you think if we make sure their nervous systems are functioning properly they will be healthier, happier people? Think of all the things and all the people that affect your life and wonder if things could be better if more people made sure the master control system of their body was working properly. We strive for people to reach their FULLEST POTENTIAL!!!