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Dr. Heather Iannelli, B.S., D.C.
Donna Hooper, Office Assistant
I became interested in chiropractic when I was learning about the neurology of the body during my undergraduate education at Purdue University. I initially got adjusted because it seemed to get rid of my awful migraines but it wasn't long before I realized it was much greater than that.

During my four years at Purdue, I spent my time learning about viruses and how they mutate. It really fascinated me but being in a lab, I soon found out, was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I needed to be with people. I was looking for some answers and my chiropractor suggested I go to chiropractic school. I'm so glad I did.

While at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, I increased my knowledge and education by interning with one of the greatest chiropractors in the country, Dr. Larry Troxell in the Troxell Intern Program for Gonstead Methodology. Working with him and the other interns gave me the knowledge to know how to find subluxations and what to do about them.

Working with lots of children in the Palmer clinic and attending numerous seminars and workshops on pediatrics helped me to realize that children need our help more than ever and taught me how to go about helping them.

Another thing that made a great impact on my life was the trip 30 students and faculty from Palmer College made to Brazil. We went to teach them about what chiropractic is and to give them adjustments, maybe the only adjustments they would ever receive in their life due to the lack of chiropractors in their country. The gratitude was amazing but the best part was all of the children we got to see and take care of. I only hope I made a difference in the life of just one of those children.

Now, with my husband Nick, we have three children of our own and the importance of having a clear nerve system is even more apparent. All three of my little girls had their first adjustment within the first day of life and they all continue to get checked for subluxations on a weekly basis.  Because of this, they live their lives healthy and drug free!

Something close to Dr. Heather's Heart is Kentuckiana Children's Center in Louisville, KY. It is a non-profit chiropractic facility that provides chiropractic care for special needs children regardless of their ability to pay. Dr. Heather has been volunteering her services to Kentuckiana for over 10 years. To get more information on Kentuckiana, stop by our office or visit Kentuckiana's Facebook Page.
I've lived in Lakeside Park, KY for the last 13 years with my husband Daniel, three children (Danielle 15, Caden 13, Caroline 11). We were first introduced to chiropractic care when our son started in with continuous ear infections as an infant. Although hesitant, at a friend's suggestion, I made a phone call to The Children's Family Chiropractic Center and after several weeks of adjustments our son was ear infection free for the first time in over 8 months. Now our entire family receives chiropractic care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our family enjoys a variety of activities from wrestling to ice skating! We are also very involved with orphan care ministry in Swaziland, Africa. But most important to us is our faith in Jesus Christ and learning to love others the way He loves us. I am looking forward to working with you at The Children's Family Chiropractic Center as the care we have received over the years has made a huge impact on the Hooper family! 
Crystal Gabbard, Office Assistant

I have lived in Independence KY for the last 15 years with my husband Brad, and our two children (Branden 12 and Leah 8). I was first introduced to chiropractic care six years ago when I was having neck and shoulder pain and two friends at my church suggested that I should visit the Children’s Family Chiropractic Center. I experienced pain relief and starting learning about the health benefits of chiropractic care. Now our entire family receives chiropractic care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our family enjoys camping and spending time with friends and family. My passions are loving Jesus, music and singing. I really love this job and look forward to serving you at the Children’s Family Chiropractic Center. 
Ava, Alysa, Nick & Caitlyn
Hobbies: Hanging out with my husband, Nick and my 3 little girls, Reading the Bible, Friends and of course, Chiropractic
Undergraduate- Purdue University
Chiropractic College- Palmer College of Chiropractic