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The Innate Intelligence that exists within you is waiting...

To give the best chiropractic care to those who are subluxated, through the grace of God, and remove those subluxations the best way I know how. To gain knowledge and wisdom about chiropractic so those whom I come in contact with may have restored optimum health and to educate them on the importance of chiropractic for personal health, interrelationships, and community well-being.
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Our Philosphy

Chiropractic is based on the premise or idea that God has given each and every one of us the ability within our bodies to self-heal. This is called our inborn or innate intelligence, which is transmitted through our nervous system from our brain through our spinal cord and out to our organs, tissues, and the tips of our fingers and toes.

Dis-ease or disharmony can occur without symptoms or signs. This is why chiropractors are most interested in wellness. Chiropractors do not treat illnesses, pain or symptoms. We help the body's ability to communicate with the intelligence that we were all born with. Our innate intelligence is then better able to heal illnesses, create the greatest pharmacy, decrease symptoms and increase awareness with our environment. Amazing isn't it?

Health & Wellness Care 
for Children & Adults
To Decline Vaccinations: 

According to KY vaccine law you can decline vaccinations with a religious exemption form like the one linked here. No doctors signature needed.

This is the only form you legally need to be in compliance with KRS 214.036...

​Kentucky Parental Vaccination Religious Exemption Form

Some school districts will want you to sign this form as well or instead...

Kentucky State Issued Vaccination Religious Exemption Form

Ohio law only requires a form for philosophical objections, here is an example...

Ohio Vaccination Exemption Form

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